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There are not many local Newnan Ga paint contractors that have 35 years of painting experience. We can offer house painting referrals from all over the metro Atlanta area. Over half of our business is from past clients referring us to their friends and family. Being thought of as the best house painters in Newnan Ga is important to us!

B and G Painting Inc. is an owner operated local business based in Sharpsburg Ga. We are fully licensed and insured and offer satisfaction guarantees on all of our work. We also use the best paint materials with full warranties on all products. We are equipped to do any job from a small house to large power plants. We employ many commercial and industrial painting professionals that have 20+ years of experience.

When hiring a new painting contractor in Newnan, you should take into account the following three criteria:

1. Make Sure You Get a Detailed Quote Before Any Work Begins

It is very important that you get a detailed quote prior to you hiring a Newnan house painter. A great deal of painters operate on a “time + materials” basis. You don’t want to be surprised at the final cost after the painters have finished. You should get a detailed quotation beforehand laying out the estimated time and materials that will be needed for your job. This will save you from headache and conflict later. A good painter in Newnan should offer this without hesitation.

2. Ask For Painting Referrals and Contact as Many as You Need to Feel Comfortable

The first thing we recommend to do when comparing different painting companies in Newnan is to get referrals. Each contractor should be able to provide you with as many referrals as you desire. We live off of our referrals so we understand how important they are.

When speaking with the past clients, you can ask how they felt about their experience. If they liked their painting contractor, they will let you know. They’ll likewise make you aware of the issues they had and the things they didn’t like. You need to ask them how they felt about the painting quality, the price (quoted and actual) and service. Were the painters attentive to their needs or not? Simply bear in mind that you’re wants and needs will not be identical to your buddy’s or relative’s.

Another method that many people find recommendations for painting contractors is with referral services. Let me describe something. These contractor referral services claim to “screen” painting service providers. They seem to be “negligent at best”, when it comes to evaluating for workers payment insurance provider”, one of the most fundamental and standard areas that is of extreme importance to any professional, legitimate painting company.

3. Don’t Use Price as the Only Criteria For Getting Your House Painted

Don’t hire a painter in Newnan on price alone. If an estimate is very low, there is normally a reason for it. There are numerous ways to cut price; cut corners on the prep work, number of coats of paint, and quality of paint utilized; pass up liability insurance provider, don’t pay workers compensation (prohibited if you have staff members), use undocumented workers (this is becoming a huge problem).

In some cases what appears like the least expensive quote ends up costing more in both cash and time – not to mention worry. The problem with a bad paint job is problems usually don’t come up for a few months. Usually by then, the paint company has moved on and you are stuck finding another company or doing it all yourself. Both of which should never have to happen!

Here are some things to consider when comparing prices. Does the service provider pay their employees a living wage? Do they pay overtime? Do they offer their employees any paid vacation time? Do they guarantee their work? How long have they been in the community? And finally, have past clients used them more and once (positive past experience).

At Band G Painting Inc., we understand that getting a job done right, and within budget the first time is extremely important. We love our repeat customers because they are the people that refers us to their friends and family. We promise you will be pleased with our work and hope you contact us with any house painting needs.
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